Bang!: 4th Edition

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4-7 Players

Ages 8+

20-40 Minute Play Time

In Bang! 4th Edition, join in an old-fashioned western shootout, trying to make sure you and your allies make it out alive. Bang! is a secret role game, where is player will be assigned one of four roles: the sherriff, a deputy, an outlaw, or the renegade. Everyone knows who the sherriff is, and the outlaws are attempting to kill that player while the deputies attempt to protect the sheriff. The renegade doesn't have a side, instead the attempt to kill everyone and be the last person standing. Each turn, players draw cards, use special character abilites, and play cards in order to improve their weapon, get extra bonuses, or even shoot another player. Do you have what it takes to survive the wild wild west? Find out in Bang! 4th Edition.

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Base Game
Social Deduction
Play Style:
Team Based