Dungeons & Dragons RPG: Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel Hard Cover - Alternate Cover

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Through shimmering mists rises a great floating crystal, its gleaming surface wrapped in strips of lush trees and distant buildings: the Radiant Citadel.  Carved from the fossilized remains of an unknown entity, the gem is a source of incredible healing powers that draw creatures from all planes for the promise of a wealth of health and knowledge. 

Gather your party, whip out your dice bags, and delve into the Ethereal Realm in this D&D expansion:  Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel!  This book includes: 

- Lore for the Ethereal Realm and Radiant Citadel settings

- 13 short adventures to choose from to either run a fun one-shot, or add to your existing campaign

- Sublocations within the Radiant Citadel 

- Maps, glorious maps!

This Alternate version of the original cover by Sija Hong is a beautiful addition to any collector's library, with its dynamic and cyclical design that incorporates creatures and setting details found inside.