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1-4 Players

Ages 14+

30-120 Minute Play Time

From the creators of Gloomhaven comes this wicked cool spinoff, Frosthaven - a story of a secluded outpost far north of the capital city of White Oak.  Surrounded on all sides by new threats and suffocated in icy wilderness, if the cold doesn't seal your fate, conflict between other nearby sects may be the nails in your coffin.  Frosthaven includes 16 new characters, 3 new races, over 20 new enemies, and much more - all of which are compatible with Gloomhaven, should players like to mix and match.  Can you recruit potential allies, expand your outpost, and beat the odds, or will the blizzards of the north reclaim your little haven into the sea of snow?

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Base Game
Narrative Driven
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