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3-10 Players

Ages 8+

30 Minute Play Time

In Saboteur, take on the role of dwarfs attempting to mine the most gold. Each round, players are randomly assigned a role of either miner or saboteur, and three goal cards and the start card are placed on to the table. The miners goal is to build a path between the start card and the correct goal card, as only one a the goal cards contains the gold, but they do not know which ones. The saboteurs are attempting to stop the miners from completing the path to the gold. Players recieve action cards they can play in front of themselves or other players, in order to help or hinder the progess of the path. If the miners reach the correct card with the gold, the round immediatly ends and the miners win. If they can't get to the gold before running out of path cards, the saboteurs win the round. Roles are then again randomly assigned, and the player or players with the most gold at the end of three rounds wins!

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Base Game
Social Deduction
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