Soul Burner

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It consumed you, took your body of flesh and turned it to dust.  Your soul remains bound to the heap of you, and through mysterious means, you rise again.  Your body is shaped by reminders: pieces of your past as you recall them made tangible in your form.  Now, you must find who you were, and fate will decide who you become.

Whether you're a longtime fan of Mork Borg or just getting into it, Adam Vass' Soul Burner embodies the common themes throughout the series: death, loss, lack of control, horror, and how all of these things change us.  This is a stand-alone RPG designed for 2-6 players in which you are an undead person made of the ashes of your corpse.  Dice rolls determine not only how well you perform on skill checks, but who you areSoul Burner includes:

- Creation and development mechanics for the character class of the ASH, story hooks, and plot suggestions for throughout your campaign

- The Fate Warden, a being that constantly hunts you and all others who escape the eternal clutches of death

- A whole new setting - Cauter - a land of volcanoes and swamps, as well as a wealth of bone-chilling (or, ash chilling) creatures that inhabit this hellscape

- The Boiling Blood of God: a complete adventure for those looking to jump right in

WARNING: Mork Borg games are intended for mature audiences! Subject material within may not be suitable for readers under the age of 18.